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Kettle & Fire Bone Broth Review

Beef Broth Chicken Broth Mushroom Chicken

Low Carb Friendly Way to Boring Meals?

Regardless of how long you’ve been doing a healthy diet, there are certain things that will trigger yearnings you know will cause havoc with your healthy diet.
I could remember one of my moments of weakness perfectly. I was visiting a high school friend in New York, and his wife is from Mexico. They didn’t know about my diet and offered up enchiladas.
Before I knew what had happened, I had been into my second helping. And within a few days, my healthy eating was all over the place.Bone Beef Broth
I have become better at thinking and saying no to the such, but a good regular Mexican dish is full of carbs, as are so many other delicious meals.
After confessing to my dietitian, she introduced me to an excellent product called Kettle & Open fire Bone Broth, which does an amazing job at creating low-carb sauces for all sorts of meals.
Obviously, it’s nearly vegetarian or vegan-friendly, but for you meat lovers who are struggling with some flavor in meals, this might you need to be the solution.
So, let’s take a closer take a look at what this small miracle is all about.

WHAT'S Kettle And Fire Bone Broth?

Kettle And Fireplace Bone Broth is a stock created by boiling the best quality organic chicken and beef bones.
Within a boiling process that may take over 20 hours, the causing stock is loaded full of nutrients and flavor. As well as the best benefit is that we now have no dry-freeze procedures in play that could mess with the quality.
 The idea of using bone broth to enhance the flavors in your food isn’t new and has been a traditional approach to cooking for so long as the container and pan were made.
The difference that Kettle and Fire bone broth bring to the table is the medical aspect of it being organic and saturated in quality.
Kettle and Fireplace bone broths were created in the aim of being the best in quality and healthiest bone broths that you could find on the market. The business prides itself from deriving the bone from the knuckle, patella, femur, and foot bone fragments of organic and free-range chickens and cows.
In terms of providing variety in their bone broths, Kettle and Fire sell 3 different kinds of bone broths:
Beef Bone Broth
Chicken Bone Broth

What Are The Different Flavors?

Presently, Kettle & Fire offer Beef, Chicken and Mushroom Chicken as the flavors for their bone broth.
There is also a wide range of different ready-made organic soups that are great tasting as well. However, the bone broth works fine for me to generate amazing foods and soups, so I recommend starting there.

Is Kettle And Fireplace Bone Broth Organic?

Yes, all Kettle And Fire Bone Broth products are 100% certified organic only using the best quality products from family possessed and run farms.
The chickens are accredited pasture-raised, organic and non-GMO. Similarly, all the cows are sourced from authorized organic farms that only use grass as feed.
All the vegetables and spices are also organic so the final result is among the best quality products available.

What are the advantages of Kettle & Fire?

One of the main benefits of bone broth is that it’s packed full of collagen and gelatin. These proteins are essential sources of amino acids that reduce swelling in the gut and therefore help to make your digestive tract more effective.
Bone broth also contains chondroitin sulfates and glucosamine substances, which are known to simplicity joint pain and arthritis and reduce inflammation. These ingredients are commonly found inexpensive natural supplements and rarely in these concentrations.
Perhaps some of the most significant advantages of bone broth are its ability to improve the body’s immune system and also to address symptoms of conditions such as asthma, arthritis, and even an array of allergies.
This is because of the abundance of the same collagen and amino acids that work as anti-inflammatories mentioned above.
All the nutrients that this broth delivers are often missing when you begin a healthy diet. They could be difficult to replace with low-carb food sources, which just makes the original healthy diet flu that much more difficult.
However, with this simple broth, you can fill that nutritional void and ensure that your early symptoms are relieved.
What exactly are the Ingredients?
When it comes to the elements they can be summed up as simple and 100% organic. It doesn’t get superior to that.
Basically, depending on the flavor you choose (Beef, Poultry or Mushroom Poultry), bones from 100% naturally farmed chickens and cows are boiled for over 20 hours.
This pulls out all the rich nutrients and flavors that produce this such an amazing product.
In addition to the main ingredients you'll also find the following:
Apple Cider Vinegar
Mixed Spices
Kettle & Fire Bone Broth - Shop Now

So what is the  Flavor Like?

As should be expected, Kettle & Fire tastes great tasting. Both varieties have been developed with the help of well-trained and highly certified chefs with years of experience in classic cuisine.
No expense has been spared in producing a wealthy and tasty blend that will measure to even the best possible soups from the most reputable restaurants in the culinary picture.
The secret to the tempting flavor and irresistible aroma of Kettle & Fire is no secret whatsoever. The method has been useful for thousands of years and handed down from era to era, just slightly revised for modern-day production requirements.
The best possible quality bones are simmered over low heat for at least a day, in the time-honored tradition practiced all over the world. This provides plenty of time for the bone marrow, the collagen, and the proteins to infuse the broth with their distinctive goodness.
Also responsible for the amazing flavor is the fact that the merchandise should never be frozen. That is why you get the full flavor connection with freshly-made broth with every providing.
The best thing is that you have 3 different flavors to choose from Meat, Poultry and Mushroom Poultry.
My personal favorite is the beef, but I regularly fill up on the mushroom poultry as well. It just has that tiny bit more flavor than the basic chicken.
With regards to recipes, there are plenty of ideas on the business website, but I personally just add them to almost every meal. You can just make a straightforward sauce, or if you’re really stuck, they also lead to a great foundation for soup.
They are so tasty that you won’t want a meal without them.
Now, knowing all this, and understanding that I suffer from nearly every condition listed above (and honestly, I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t), I still just couldn’t bring myself to drink it. I’m such a wuss. If it didn’t taste good, the benefits just didn’t matter if you ask me.
But certainly, something changed, because here I am, writing an assessment of bone broth. And I can’t write an assessment of bone broth unless I've tasted it. Which I do. Here’s what happened:
1 day, I received a bundle in the email. I open it up and find out 2 cartons of Kettle & Fireplace Meat Bone Broth staring back at me. I tensed up a little. I absolutely wished to give this a go, I absolutely wanted to do what’s befitting my body, however, the memories of my homemade attempt come flooding back again. I am a coward and the cartons sit, unopened, in the pantry for weeks. Finally, I decided to quit being a baby about it. I opened up one carton, warmed it up, poured some in a mug and just went for this. I wanted to hold my nose such as a 5-year-old drinking awful cough syrup, but I buck up and hope for the best.
One sip becomes two. It’s good. Really good. I brought the mug to Rob and made him drink some. He also remembers my failed attempt and was skeptical. But he liked it to and drank it all so I needed to heat up even more for myself.
Let me tell you, that is strictly the opposite of how I thought it was going to go down. My first impression of the Kettle & Fireplace Beef Bone Broth was that it was buttery! I wasn’t anticipating that whatsoever, but it was. Flawlessly buttery, salty, and seasoned just right. I mean, it’s still bone broth, but it’s arguably the best bone broth I will ever run into. And I am drinking it again, and enjoying it!
So you understand how when you come across a really best part, you want to talk about it with everyone? That’s what I want to do. In addition to telling you precisely how great this bone broth is, I'd like you to be able to try it for yourself. Right now, you can get a 20% off discount so you can stock up on the great bone broth at a great price.
Now could be your chance to give it a try and get started on improving your pores and skin, gut health, and joints in a tasty way.
You are perfect therefore kind to offer all this for free! I am amazed. We did the whole 30 last summer and it helped a large amount. We are time for it again as we have completely fallen off the wagon and are paying for it actually. His bypass will be slightly eggs, no evening shades because he has Hashimoto's and has read from Dr. Izabella Wentz about diet and this Disease. There is some crossover, thus that will help. I believe we will end up more paleo…that’s the goal anyway..still without the eggs for him anyway. Have you got any tips/ideas for non-egg breakfasts?
I am so very thankful for your time and energy in preparing meals and menus and lists. It means so much to a very busy mother and trying to repair better things for my children and help my hubby feel better too. We are starting on July 1 so we can prepare well. Many thanks again! I think I might give my hands at komboucha….my daughter’s think it’s great, however, your right..crazy expensive in the stores! Many thanks, thank you, thank you!
If you’ve been indulging yourself into the healthy diet world, or irrespective of your daily diet, this superfood is going to help improve your wellbeing tremendously.
The superfood I’m about to introduce for you today is bone broth, which is rich in the proteins glycine, proline, the protein gelatin, and minerals. There are so many amazing advantages of bone broth which I will discuss more below.Chicken and Beef Bone Broth
I am reviewing the “Kettle and Fireplace Bone Broth”, a very popular brand with three amazing and tasty products: chicken broth, meat broth, and chicken & mushroom broth.
To provide an intensive review of the merchandise, I am analyzing all areas of the Kettle and Fireplace Bone Broth in terms of:
Quality – We’ll check out the substances and what makes it healthy or not healthy
Source – Assessment on the source of the bone is crucial in understanding the vitamins and minerals of the bone broth
Taste – No point having a wholesome product if you can’t keep it down
Pricing – You can’t really enjoy something to its fullest potential if you feel the burn off in your pocket every time you consume it

Benefits of Bone Broths

Packed with all the essential minerals you could ever ask for, bone broths make a wholesome (and yummy) addition to your meal prep. Being a bioavailable nutrient source, bone broths are easily absorbed by the body thus increasing the advantages of calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, silicon, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfates through the intake.
Quite simply, bone broths are recognized for these health advantages:
Improving your body’s disease-fighting capability
Enhancing asthmatic and arthritis conditions
Convenience symptoms related to the leaky gut syndrome
Helps control allergies
Improves food tolerance
Enhances joint movement
Quality and Way to obtain Kettle and Fire bone broths
To be able to truly assess the grade of Kettle and Fire bone broths, we have to look at the ingredients.
According to Kettle and Open fire, all their bone broths are organic filled up with bones (knuckle, patella, femur, and feet bone fragments) and vegetables, sea salt, and herbs.
Their bone broths do NOT contain any:
Artificial ingredients
This means you won’t suffer any adverse side effects from consuming Kettle and Fire bone broths due to the safe ingredients not containing artificial substances, preservatives or additives.
It’s also Gluten-free, Non-GMO, organic, dairy-free, and soy-free which ticks all my containers as it pertains to a high-quality broth perfect for my healthy diet.
Another point that I like about Kettle and Fire bone broths is the long shelf life which emphasizes the meticulous packaging ensuring that the product stays fresh and stable throughout its lifetime.
Source of the Bone
Emphasis should be produced on how the chickens and bovine used in the creation process of the bone broth are hormone-free and antibiotic-free which is important in maintaining a clean and healthy diet.
The cows and chickens are raised in small family farms that do not partake in the utilization of added hormones and antibiotics thus satisfying the safety levels of Kettle and Fire bone broths.
If you don’t know the effects added hormones and antibiotics have on you, I highly recommend scanning this article published by the united states Countrywide Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health titled “Risk Assessment of HGH and Antimicrobial Residues in Meat”.
Quite simply, stay clear from added hormones and antibiotics – they’re a large no as it pertains to living a healthy life (and besides, you only get one life after all!).
A Natural Source of Collagen
According to Kettle and Fire’s website, they simmer their “100% grass-fed bone fragments with organic substances for 20+ hours to draw all the collagen, proteins and amino acids from the bones into [their] broth. The effect is a bone broth that’s wealthy, delicious, and has 19x more collagen than the closest competition (as qualified by an independent lab)”.
So all that noises fine and dandy and if what they say is, in fact, the truth and not only a marketing sham, well then, that’s a pretty good account of their quality.
Disclaimer: It’s hard for me personally to pinpoint if the collagen from the bone broth has been effective although I really do like the idea of it being there. I am guilty to be just a little narcissistic and using some healthy diet collagen products on a regular basis so it’s hard for me to state that the collagen from Kettle and Fire bone broths have resulted in my skin looking pretty.
Price of Kettle and Fire Bone Broths
What astonishes me is how Kettle and Fire bone broths come at a reasonable price tag given the quality you receive so when comparing with other bone broths on the market.
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Espresso Machines Summer Specials JURA A9 P.E.P.

Espresso Machines Summer Specials

Summer is here. Get your Jura espresso machine Specials that make it easy to indulge yourself with a delicious espresso, latte, flat white and cappuccino at home.


jura a9 pepFeatures the intuitive color touchscreen interface which allows you to scroll through pictures of each of the 12 programmed specialty coffee drink selections. Just Slide and Touch and the Jura A9 quickly prepares your selection. Click to get your JURA A9 P.E.P.

Owning the JURA Impressa A9

The Impressa A9 from JURA is a sleek super-automatic machine that’s right at home on small countertops given its compact design. The first feature that draws our attention is the TFT touchscreen display, which lets you swipe through the 12 programmable drink options easily. The links here support this site as affiliates. The display alone makes the A9 the perfect asset for any beginner or convenience-seeker. There’s no need for instructions; simply the vision of the drink you want, and watch it brew. Beans are ground fresh for each drink with JURA's Aroma+ conical burr grinder, which is faster and quieter thanks to the improved cutting angle of the burrs. JURA’s Pulse Extraction Process impresses, brewing drinks using short pulses of water throughout the brewing process to extract even greater aroma. We’ve found that the A9 really shines with milk drinks. JURA’s integrated frother siphons milk for steaming automatically and dispenses it directly into your cup.

To ensure the longevity of the machine and the quality of its beverages, the Impressa A9 features a number of automated rinsing cycles that run after beverages are prepared to keep the brewing and milk circuits clean. There are also additional cleaning programs that can be accessed through the touch screen menu. Additionally, you can program the A9 with your water hardness to be alerted when the time comes for you to run the descaling cycle. When one of JURA’s Clearyl Blue water filters are installed in the 1 L reservoir, you won’t need to worry about scale at all. This little guy is as powerful as it is compact. It’s perfect for a single user or a couple, and incredibly easy to use. For higher capacities and even more drink options, consider a machine from JURA’s E or J Series.

Touch Screen Controls

Jura A9 Touchscreen ControlThe Impressa A9 features a full-color touch screen display that makes navigating and programming your drink options easier than ever. The color TFT display incorporates touch technology allowing you to see the beverage and touch to select it. Intuitively slide and touch to select your beverage and dial in your preferred coffee temperature, strength and volume settings. Colorful drink icons make it easier than ever for you and your guests to navigate the menu. The Jura A9 Impressa One Touch is fast and super convenient.

Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) Brewing

The A9 employs JURA’s innovative Pulse Extraction Process brewing system. As opposed to a constant flow, water is instead pulsed through the grounds in short intervals that extract greater intensity and aroma while shortening the overall brew time. With P.E.P., espresso and ristretto can be prepared with greater clarity and flavor than ever before.

Aroma+ Grinder

Jura A9 Aroma GrinderThe A9 comes equipped with JURA's Aroma+ grinder, which features a specialized grinding chamber designed to reduce noise and cut down on grind times. It can be adjusted on a continuous scale to let you fine-tune your grind as needed, or skipped over entirely for pre-ground coffee brewing using the integrated bypass doser. By improving the cutting angle to stainless steel burrs, Jura has increased grind speed significantly. The resulting coffee flavor and aroma is preserved by grinding the coffee in half the time. Enjoy your coffee sooner with less noise.

Automated Cleaning and Maintenance

To extend its longevity and protect coffee flavor, the Impressa A9 features a full suite of automatic maintenance and rinsing programs. It can automatically rinse the coffee and milk systems and clean both your coffee circuit and milk circuits automatically. The machine can also be programmed with your water hardness to alert you when the machine needs to be descaled.

Fine Foam Technology

Jura A9 Fine Foam TechnologyThe dispensing spouts on the Jura A9 Impressa One Touch are unique, and height adjustable from 2.2″ to 5.4″ inches. In addition to two coffee spouts, there is a milk spout featuring Jura's Fine Foam Technology. This technology creates a finely textured milk foam with a long-lasting consistency, feather-light and soft as a cloud it makes the perfect cappuccino.

Specialty Coffee Drinks

Jura A9 Specialty Coffee DrinksTwelve options to choose from on the elegant and easy to use touchscreen: 1 or 2 Coffees, 1 or 2 Espressos, 1 or 2 Ristrettos, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, hot water, milk foam, or select from one of the Jura A9’s two new specialty coffee drinks: Cappuccino Doppio and Latte Macchiato Doppio. An extra shot of espresso takes these new drinks to the next level.

Key Features:

Top innovation: P.E.P.® for espresso and ristretto of outstanding barista quality

JURA has perfected the complete brewing process for short specialty coffees. That's why the A9 prepares these beverages to the high standard you would expect in a coffee bar. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) developed by JURA optimizes the extraction time. To make a ristretto or espresso, it forces the hot water through the ground coffee at short intervals. This process allows the flavors of the coffee to fully develop. With eight intensity levels, coffee lovers can customize their coffee just the way they like it.
Personalize the Jura Impressa A9 One Touch by saving your four favorite specialty coffee drinks on the start screen – and then activate preparation at any time with a gentle touch. Fill the Jura coffee machine bean chamber with whole bean coffee for a true bean-to-cup experience that’s freshly ground, not capsuled.

CLEARYL Blue Water Filter for Jura

Jura clearyl blue water filterThese filters are for Jura Micro 1, Micro 5, Micro 9, Micro 90, A9, C5, C60, C9, F50, F7 (current model #13709), F8, J6, J9, J90, J95, J80, J90, J95, Z7, Z9, GIGA 5 & ENA models only. This new Jura CLEARYL Blue Filter has a new elegant 18-sided design and the JURA logo is branded on the filter cover. Using a Clearyl filter in your Jura coffee machine prevents the need to decalcify.

Jura Stainless 14 oz. Thermal Milk Container

jura stainless thermal milk container
This 14 oz. the thermal milk storage container is perfect for use with compact Jura Automatic Coffee Centers, including the Jura ENA 9, Micro 9, Micro 90, A9, C9, E6, and E8. Keeps cold milk fresh for 8 hours.



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Espresso Based Beverage Recipes


Creating gourmet espresso-based beverages at home is extremely simple once you learn the basic recipes.
Follow the drink preparation notes below and use them as a guide to creating your own specialty drinks.

Drink Name Preparation
1-1.5 ounce shot of coffee brewed at high pressure in 20-25 seconds.


Espresso the basis for many gourmet coffee specialty drinks.jura Z6
0.5-0.7 ounce shot of coffee brewed at high pressure in less than 20 seconds. The
Ristretto has a very intense flavor that is bolder with more body than a traditional espresso.
2-4 ounce shot of coffee brewed at high pressure for 45-60 seconds.


The lungo has more of a bitter taste than espresso as more water is extracting the coffee’s flavor.


A shot of espresso topped with a spoonful of frothed milk served in a demitasse cup.
Espresso con Panna A shot of espresso topped with whipped cream in a demitasse cup.
Espresso Affogato A scoop of gelato or ice cream “drowned” in a shot of espresso.


A shot of espresso topped with 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 frothed milk in a large cup.


A shot of espresso topped with 2/3 steamed milk and a few spoonfuls of frothed milk in a large cup. (less frothed milk than a cappuccino)

Latte Macchiato

Fill a cup with steamed milk and top with a few spoonfuls of frothed milk.  Pour a shot of espresso on top of the foam to “mark” the latte.
Fill a cup with steamed milk and caramel syrup then top with a few spoonfuls of frothed
Caramel Macchiato milk.  Pour a shot of espresso on top of the foam to “mark” the latte. Add caramel sauce to the top if desired.
A shot of espresso mixed with chocolate syrup topped with steamed milk.


Add whipped cream and cocoa powder to the top if desired.
A shot of espresso mixed with hazelnut syrup topped with steamed milk and a few spoonfuls of frothed milk.

Hazelnut Latte

A shot of espresso mixed with vanilla syrup topped with steamed milk and a few spoonfuls of frothed milk.

Vanilla Latte

Americano  A shot of espresso topped with 6-8 ounces of hot water.koa-coffee-best-kona

To make an iced version of the above recipes, simply use cold milk in the place of steamed or frothed milk.

Never pour hot milk over ice as bacteria can form.


Comment below!

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