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Jura Impressa C60 Review

jura super automatic espresso machine

Refurbished Jura Impressa C60

Get yours today click Refurbished Jura Impressa C60. Simple and powerful defines the Jura C60. The rotary change and plain text screen simplify the brewing process: With the touch of a button, you can brew a perfect cup of coffee. The fine foam technology adds light milk foam to fill up a cup cappuccino or a latte, providing you professional quality area of expertise espresso at home employing this Jura Impressa, coffee maker.

Brew Efficiently

Do you like your coffee strong or mild? With the C60, you don’t have to decide. A variety of strength options let you choose exactly the type of caffeine fix you’re looking for.
It also includes two brew temperature settings known as the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.SⓇ). This system pre-brews coffee in a way that delivers richer flavor and optimal crema.

The Milk

Steaming and frothing milk is easy thanks to the brand’s Fine Foam Frother. This way, you can easily top your cappuccinos and lattes with airy, gorgeous froth.
But the frothing attachment can be used for more than milk. It also delivers hot water for tea and hot chocolate.
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Key Features of the Refurbished Jura Impressa C60:

Incorporates the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System.
A stainless thermoblock heat offers two making temperatures.
A high-pressure pump produces great flavor and crema and the fine foam technology adds a flavorful dairy foam finish.
The Clearyl Blue filter cartridge removes impurities from water in the espresso machine to improve flavor.
Simple Operation
jura super automatic espresso frontThe Refurbished Jura Impressa C60 coffee maker operates with the flip of the switch. Use the rotary change and 11-vocabulary plain text display to choose the specialty coffee you want, drive the button and watch the device whirl alive creating the perfect brew. The Jura C60 was made to be easy to maintain, too.
Reach New Heights
A height-adjustable espresso spout can be moved between 2.6 and 4.4 ins to accommodate cups in a variety of sizes. Go ahead and use the Jura C60 Impressa espresso machine to brew espresso in a small glass or latte macchiato in a high glass. The bonus: A height-adjustable spout prevents splashing and produces an incredible velvet crema.
Fine Foam
Jura pioneered fine foam technology to generate dairy foam with a feather-light uniformity. All it takes is the push of the button to top your preferred specialty coffee with professional quality milk foam.jura super automatic espresso fine foam
Efficient Elegance
A mixture of sleek lines, high-quality materials, and uncompromising workmanship are part of all Jura machines which you are no exception. The Jura C60 Impressa coffeemaker is small enough to squeeze in a small space and the matte and gloss areas ensure it’s still big on style.

Jura Impressa C60 Specifications

  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.) has got the best from every blend and roast of espresso.
  • Programmable serving size, strength, and temperatures.
  • Auto grinder bypass accommodates pre-ground coffee, allows you to use surface coffee instead of beans.
  • Clearyl Blue filtration system cartridge – gets rid of impurities and eliminates the need to decalcify.
  • 64 oz. detachable water tank
  • 7 oz bean with aroma preservation cover.
  • High-Pressure Pump for great taste and crema
  • Stainless Steel Thermoblock heat
  • 2 Brewing temperatures
  • Hot water
  • Dual height adjustable coffee spouts range between 2.6″ to 4.4″ to support a number of cup sizes
  • 1450 Watts
  • Dimensions: 13.6″ High x 11″ Wide x 16.1″ Deep, 22 pounds
  • Swiss Designed and Swiss Engineered – 1 Year Warranty
Also we have the brand new unit click here for Jura Impressa C60
AFTER I started the process of researching and buying new coffeemaker I didn't realize how wonderful coffee could be. And how easy it is to make. It just perfect! I'm so happy I did purchase this machine and thank you for the opportunity to own it buy selling restored models. It runs great. This is actually the best purchase I have manufactured in a year. This coffee machine is awesome. Great coffee, Great machine, brewed every time.
Exactly like new, think it’s great! Every bit nearly as good and easy to use, convenient as I had been hoping. I would recommend it with any reservation. Jura products are quality, top grade. 1st managed to get easy to order and shipping and delivery was fast. I really like this machine and can recommend it and 1st to everyone I know.
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Espresso Machines Summer Specials JURA A9 P.E.P.

Espresso Machines Summer Specials

Summer is here. Get your Jura espresso machine Specials that make it easy to indulge yourself with a delicious espresso, latte, flat white and cappuccino at home.


jura a9 pepFeatures the intuitive color touchscreen interface which allows you to scroll through pictures of each of the 12 programmed specialty coffee drink selections. Just Slide and Touch and the Jura A9 quickly prepares your selection. Click to get your JURA A9 P.E.P.

Owning the JURA Impressa A9

The Impressa A9 from JURA is a sleek super-automatic machine that’s right at home on small countertops given its compact design. The first feature that draws our attention is the TFT touchscreen display, which lets you swipe through the 12 programmable drink options easily. The links here support this site as affiliates. The display alone makes the A9 the perfect asset for any beginner or convenience-seeker. There’s no need for instructions; simply the vision of the drink you want, and watch it brew. Beans are ground fresh for each drink with JURA's Aroma+ conical burr grinder, which is faster and quieter thanks to the improved cutting angle of the burrs. JURA’s Pulse Extraction Process impresses, brewing drinks using short pulses of water throughout the brewing process to extract even greater aroma. We’ve found that the A9 really shines with milk drinks. JURA’s integrated frother siphons milk for steaming automatically and dispenses it directly into your cup.

To ensure the longevity of the machine and the quality of its beverages, the Impressa A9 features a number of automated rinsing cycles that run after beverages are prepared to keep the brewing and milk circuits clean. There are also additional cleaning programs that can be accessed through the touch screen menu. Additionally, you can program the A9 with your water hardness to be alerted when the time comes for you to run the descaling cycle. When one of JURA’s Clearyl Blue water filters are installed in the 1 L reservoir, you won’t need to worry about scale at all. This little guy is as powerful as it is compact. It’s perfect for a single user or a couple, and incredibly easy to use. For higher capacities and even more drink options, consider a machine from JURA’s E or J Series.

Touch Screen Controls

Jura A9 Touchscreen ControlThe Impressa A9 features a full-color touch screen display that makes navigating and programming your drink options easier than ever. The color TFT display incorporates touch technology allowing you to see the beverage and touch to select it. Intuitively slide and touch to select your beverage and dial in your preferred coffee temperature, strength and volume settings. Colorful drink icons make it easier than ever for you and your guests to navigate the menu. The Jura A9 Impressa One Touch is fast and super convenient.

Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) Brewing

The A9 employs JURA’s innovative Pulse Extraction Process brewing system. As opposed to a constant flow, water is instead pulsed through the grounds in short intervals that extract greater intensity and aroma while shortening the overall brew time. With P.E.P., espresso and ristretto can be prepared with greater clarity and flavor than ever before.

Aroma+ Grinder

Jura A9 Aroma GrinderThe A9 comes equipped with JURA's Aroma+ grinder, which features a specialized grinding chamber designed to reduce noise and cut down on grind times. It can be adjusted on a continuous scale to let you fine-tune your grind as needed, or skipped over entirely for pre-ground coffee brewing using the integrated bypass doser. By improving the cutting angle to stainless steel burrs, Jura has increased grind speed significantly. The resulting coffee flavor and aroma is preserved by grinding the coffee in half the time. Enjoy your coffee sooner with less noise.

Automated Cleaning and Maintenance

To extend its longevity and protect coffee flavor, the Impressa A9 features a full suite of automatic maintenance and rinsing programs. It can automatically rinse the coffee and milk systems and clean both your coffee circuit and milk circuits automatically. The machine can also be programmed with your water hardness to alert you when the machine needs to be descaled.

Fine Foam Technology

Jura A9 Fine Foam TechnologyThe dispensing spouts on the Jura A9 Impressa One Touch are unique, and height adjustable from 2.2″ to 5.4″ inches. In addition to two coffee spouts, there is a milk spout featuring Jura's Fine Foam Technology. This technology creates a finely textured milk foam with a long-lasting consistency, feather-light and soft as a cloud it makes the perfect cappuccino.

Specialty Coffee Drinks

Jura A9 Specialty Coffee DrinksTwelve options to choose from on the elegant and easy to use touchscreen: 1 or 2 Coffees, 1 or 2 Espressos, 1 or 2 Ristrettos, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, hot water, milk foam, or select from one of the Jura A9’s two new specialty coffee drinks: Cappuccino Doppio and Latte Macchiato Doppio. An extra shot of espresso takes these new drinks to the next level.

Key Features:

Top innovation: P.E.P.® for espresso and ristretto of outstanding barista quality

JURA has perfected the complete brewing process for short specialty coffees. That's why the A9 prepares these beverages to the high standard you would expect in a coffee bar. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) developed by JURA optimizes the extraction time. To make a ristretto or espresso, it forces the hot water through the ground coffee at short intervals. This process allows the flavors of the coffee to fully develop. With eight intensity levels, coffee lovers can customize their coffee just the way they like it.
Personalize the Jura Impressa A9 One Touch by saving your four favorite specialty coffee drinks on the start screen – and then activate preparation at any time with a gentle touch. Fill the Jura coffee machine bean chamber with whole bean coffee for a true bean-to-cup experience that’s freshly ground, not capsuled.

CLEARYL Blue Water Filter for Jura

Jura clearyl blue water filterThese filters are for Jura Micro 1, Micro 5, Micro 9, Micro 90, A9, C5, C60, C9, F50, F7 (current model #13709), F8, J6, J9, J90, J95, J80, J90, J95, Z7, Z9, GIGA 5 & ENA models only. This new Jura CLEARYL Blue Filter has a new elegant 18-sided design and the JURA logo is branded on the filter cover. Using a Clearyl filter in your Jura coffee machine prevents the need to decalcify.

Jura Stainless 14 oz. Thermal Milk Container

jura stainless thermal milk container
This 14 oz. the thermal milk storage container is perfect for use with compact Jura Automatic Coffee Centers, including the Jura ENA 9, Micro 9, Micro 90, A9, C9, E6, and E8. Keeps cold milk fresh for 8 hours.



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Jura D6 Platinum

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Jura – 1st in Coffee

Jura Features 1st in Coffee
1st in Coffee is pleased to present the Jura line of super automatic espresso, cappuccino and coffee centers. Thanks to their award-winning designs and patented technologies, Jura Automatic Coffee Centers are our top selling brand.
Jura elevates the bean to cup experience. Certain models, including the GIGA 5, Z9, J6, S9, E8 and ENA Micro 90 are equipped with One-Touch technology to brew the perfect cup cappuccino at the touch of a button. Newer models feature Jura's Pulse Extraction Process which improves the quality of your espresso. Several of the Swiss-made machines produce coffee and espresso to your exact specifications for strength, volume, and temperature with flavor that is on par with the best cafes in the world—and it’s brewed with the touch of a button. Commercial Jura machines for the workplace are also available. With Jura machines ranging from $799 to $8,995, there is a model for every coffee lover. Call us today and let us help you find the perfect Jura coffee center for your needs.

Jura E8

Innovative technologies in the new JURA E line are revolutionizing the enjoyment of coffee. jura e8 chromeThe One-Touch Cappuccino function on the Jura E8 Black one-touch espresso machine creates trend specialties such as latte macchiato, flat white, and cappuccino at the touch of a button. The brewing process for ristretto and espresso has been 100% perfected. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.©) on the Jura E8 Black one-touch espresso machine is the only process of its kind in the world. It optimizes the extraction time and guarantees the very best aroma even for short specialty coffees.

The Jura Z6

The next generation specialty coffee machine. It pairs the quality you expect from Jura with new technology that takes performance to the next level. The new Aroma G3 grinder preserves the aroma while grinding to the optimal fineness (in less time and with less noise than ever before)jura Z6 and uses a new Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) that optimizes extraction time by pressing water through the ground coffee in short bursts. You can taste the difference when you use the Jura Z6 countertop espresso machine. The Jura Z6 is also Bluetooth compatible providing advanced control through the Jura App, J.O.E.

The Jura D6

Simple and powerful defines the Jura D6 automatic coffee center. The rotary switch and text display simplify the brewing process: With the touch of a button, the Jura D6 allows you to brew a perfect cup of coffee. The fine foam technology adds light milk foam to top off a cup of cappuccino, giving you professional quality specialty coffee at home using this Jura coffee machine.jura d6 black

Other 1st in Coffee Offerings

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Best Espresso made in your Home for 2019 – 1st In Coffee

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About 1st In Coffee and Home Espresso Machines

Founded in 2002, 1st In Coffee has rapidly grown into one of the most trusted coffee product suppliers online for home espresso machines . From high quality espresso machines to standard coffee makers, grinders, tampers, cleaners, filter, cups, and more, 1st In Coffee carries a wide selection for coffee lovers. What is a grinder or coffee machine without coffee beans? 1st In Coffee offers whole bean and ground, pods & capsules, and samplers of fine Italian coffee and espresso from dozens of brands. Shop all 1st in Coffee offerings. Owner James Smith earns the trust of his customers through outstanding service and support.

Home espresso machines

Home espresso machines have become more popular than ever in the past few years. With the cost of stopping for an espresso skyrocketing, more and more families are opting for buying a home espresso machine.

Home espresso machines are scaled rear versions of the commercial ones used in caffeine shops. How scaled back again is your decision. You may spend big money and have a high of the collection, do it all machine or buy less end machine but still make wonderful espressos.

The essential premise is the fact that the device will force hot water over finely ground coffee under great pressure, creating an espresso with a beautiful crema. How the machine runs about creating your espresso depends on the sort of machine. Jura Capresso Coffee Centers

Types of Machines

Pump espresso machines are typically the most expensive of the espresso machines. Although they do create the most excellent espressos, they are usually the greatest and noisiest of the machines. Commercial machines are usually pump espresso machines although there are home espresso machines that are pump also. Pump espresso machines also require more maintenance as they can become clogged with calcium deposits.

Manual espresso machines use a manual lever and piston to build pressure. If used often they could be arduous on the arm. These machines do not build a steady espresso as the pressure varies based on amount of arm power. Lever/piston machines are incredibly tranquil with few parts and zero-maintenance.

Heavy steam powered espresso machines are the most frequent machines within homes. They are really fast and simple to use. They are simply small enough to squeeze in home kitchens. These espresso machines use steam from the warm water to set-up pressure. The pressure in these machines isn’t always sufficient to produce a great espresso.

Another basic simple espresso machine is the moka pot or percolator. These use a pressurized lower part 50 % to send the heavy steam though the caffeine in to the top 50 percent where the espresso is accumulated. The main advantages are that they are incredibly easy to use and are the least expensive of all the models. However, they haven't any frothing tools or method for frothing, have less pressure than mechanized versions, this means less taste is extracted from the caffeine.

Determine what you like and go for it!

Buying an espresso machine for your home is highly recommended an investment. You will need to judge how often you intend to use the machine, if it’s an intermittent use, you often will go with a more affordable machine. If, however, you are a regular espresso drinker, you will likely want to go with a far more expensive machine that can endure more use. It's also advisable to look for one with a good warranty.

When determining the needs you have opt for how much space you have for the machine. For occasional use you might look at a smaller machine that you can set aside. Or perhaps even a coffee machine/espresso maker combo machine.


It’s a good idea to determine how much you want to invest on an espresso machine before you begin hunting one. One good way to get a concept is to consider how often you get an espresso or espresso based drinks and number how much you spend monthly. This can help you decide how much you can devote to a machine and also have it purchase itself.

With your information gathered you will be ready to go end up an espresso machine made for home use. There are various reputable companies which have home espresso machines. Some are also commercial espresso creators and probably make the best espresso machines. Whatever for you to decide you will be happy with your hot, fresh espresso made while still in your pajamas.

Deals and Coupons:

Free shipping on orders over $50 at 1st in Coffee, no code, ends 12/31

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