Blue Mountain Coffee – Clydesdale 100% Certified 16 oz


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Blue Mountain Coffee has a full flavor, balance, prominent fruit flavors, acidity and provides all the satisfaction one could want with a strong and intense aroma. A very clean taste, with a noticeable sweetness. This is the Rolls-Royce of coffees regarded by many as the best coffee in the world. Medium roast Roasted when you place your order 100% Certified Blue Mountain Coffee Our regular supplies of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee are currently not available due to crop damage and supply shortages but we have sourced a special purchase from Clydesdale located on the island. Blue Mountain Coffee Blue Mountain Coffee is a connoisseur's delight made from the best local blue-green beans. Blue mountain coffee is recognized as one of the most prized coffees world wide and is in high demand. The Jamaican government has certified this as official 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. There are absolutely no filler beans and our product should not be confused with counterfeit coffees using the same name. Because of the restricted geographical range where it is grown, Blue Mountain Coffee is available in limited quantities. Grown by small family farms and we pay our farming partners a fair trade coffee price that far exceeds their cost of production. Our packaging provides as many safeguards as necessary to protect freshness and prevent quality loss. Each package is freshly roasted then package in a one-way valve to maintain freshness during shipping and for storage. Rare Blue Mountain