Earth Day Bourbon & Malt Whiskey 24oz Box Set Whole Bean


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Our Best Selling Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee & Uprising Malt Whiskey Coffee create the ultimate 24oz Box Set. Both 12oz bags come in our custom Coopers Cask Coffee Box.UPRISING MALT WHISKEY COFFEEBarrel Aged: Uprising (Sons of Liberty Whiskey): Single Malt American WhiskeyCoffee Beans: Sumatra Tasting Notes:  Woody Earth, tobacco, tropical fruits, vanilla, caramelThe Sumatra coffee bean was chosen because of the complementary tasting notes of woody earth and mild sweet tobacco, with a hint of ripe tropical fruits.  When aged in whiskey barrels, the flavor and aroma of the bean is enhanced with the sweetness of vanilla and caramel from the whiskey.  When tasted, you get the enriched coffee experience with a very long whiskey finish.  Excellent as an espresso.KENTUCKY BOURBON COFFEEAged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels from a well known (small) distillery in the heart of Kentucky.Coffee Beans: Colombian Tasting Notes: Vibrant taste profile of rustic sweetness, a hint of cocoa and dark fruit notes with a bourbon finish