Sumatra Dark Roast – 12 oz Espresso


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A bold dark roast with flavor profile!AMAZING TASTE PROFILE: Woody Earth, Dark Chocolate, and Dark Cherry with a hint of tobacco.FAIR TRADE & ORGANIC: Sumatra Dark Roast Single Origin Organic Fair Trade coffee beans. Of the Lintong region of the island of Sumatra is known for the ancient large volcanic crater.  These beans are organic grade 1 which are wet processed (coffee cherry removed then washed) and sun dried.  This volcanic island region gives way to an earth tone rustic sweetness.  You will find undertones of woody cedar, dark chocolate, slight dark stone fruits and a hint of raw tobacco.  It is roasted to a full dark roast to showcase the dark rich flavors and rustic earth tones.QUALITY SOURCED BEANS: We profile each lot of Organic & Fair Trade Coffee Beans (grade 1). If it doesnt meet our high standards it is not used.SMALL BATCH ROASTERS: Our premium coffee beans are expertly roasted in small batches. This gives us full control of the profile and creates a bold, smooth, flavorful coffee.WICKED GOOD GUARANTEED: If for any reason youre not satisfied with our imported, high-end coffee beans, just let us know within 30 days for a full refund.