Traditional Cut Ribeye – Prime-14 oz.


Aged Northwest beef hand-cut by a master butcher. Purchase Traditional Cut Ribeye – Prime-14 oz. from Snake River Farms through my links and I earn a commission that will support this site. Get Traditional Cut Ribeye – Prime-14 oz. today.Click Buy Now. Thanks for visiting.

Make a statement with this USDA Prime ribeye steak, cut to an impressive thickness of 1½ inches. Steaks cut to a specific weight can result in varying thicknesses. This special Northwest beef ribeye is cut thick and exceeds one pound. Each of these special ribeyes include the fine grained center eye and the luxurious cap, considered to be the most tender and highly flavored portion of all cuts. Beef is graded by the USDA based on marbling and just 4 to 5% achieves the grade of USDA Prime. Treat yourself to a steakhouse experience with this beautifully marbled and thick ribeye.

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Traditional Cut Ribeye – Prime

The ribeye is blessed with the most natural marbling of all steaks and our Traditional Ribeyes are no exception. The eye of these USDA Prime Ribeye Steaks features fine-grained beef that has a smooth texture and deep flavor. The rich cap surrounds the eye and is considered to be the best tasting portion of the ribeye or any of the best steak cuts. Beef is graded by the USDA based on marbling and just 3% achieves the grade of PRIME BEEF. Simply stated, in the world of steaks these beautiful Traditional Ribeye's reign as king.

Treat yourself to a real steak – a USDA Prime grade ribeye. Packed with the highest amount of marbling recognized by the USDA and cut thick for a weighty presence on your grill or skillet. Click Buy Now.

Steak Temperature Guide

Here are the magic numbers you’ll need to determine when your steak is cooked to the degree of doneness you most prefer. The internal temp is when the steak should be removed from the heat. The steak will continue to cook so the temperature will rise during the rest period.

Preference Description Internal Temp
Rare Red center, very cool 110°F
Medium Rare Red, warm center 120°F
Medium Pink throughout 130°F
Medium Well Pink center 140°F
Well No pink Not recommended

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness. The USDA recommends an internal temp of 145°F and resting for at least 3 minutes.