Whiskey & Rum Barrel Aged Coffee – Whole Bean – Box Set – Ground Espresso


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SKU:  4 Ounce (Pack of 3 – Ground)UPC/ASIN: X001OYBKWJOver 250 Reviews of our barrel aged coffee box. Three 4oz bags (12oz total) of our Barrel Aged Coffees, ground. Read the review of Whiskey & Rum Barrel Aged Coffee – Whole Bean – Box Set – Ground Espresso here. This makes a great gift or simply a great way to try all 3 barrel aged coffees.  Uprising Stout Whiskey (Sumatra), Battle Cry Rye Whiskey (Ethiopian) and Thomas Tew Rum (Rwanda).UPRISING STOUT WHISKEY BARREL AGED COFFEE Barrel Aged: Uprising (Sons of Liberty Whiskey): Stout style American whiskey Coffee Beans: Sumatra LintongTasting Notes:  Woody Earth, tobacco, tropical fruits, vanilla, caramel The Sumatra coffee bean is from the sub-region of Lintong and was chosen because of the complementary tasting notes of woody earth and mild sweet tobacco, with a hint of ripe tropical fruits.  When aged in whiskey barrels, the flavor and aroma of the bean is enhanced with the sweetness of vanilla and caramel from the whiskey.  When tasted, you get the enriched coffee experience with a very long whiskey finish.  Excellent as an espresso. BATTLE CRY RYE WHISKEY BARREL AGED COFFEEBarrel Aged: Battle Cry (Sons of Liberty Whiskey) Rye American whiskey yCoffee Beans: Ethiopian Dry ProcessedTasting Notes:  Bright and clean cup with a slight acidic spice, fruited notes of peach jam and strawberries, touch of sweetness of red raw honey and dutch chocolateThis coffee uses the dry process by means of drying out the cherries under the sun on raised beds instead of the traditional wet processed (cherries stripped off after picking).  The dry process intensifies the flavor of the cherry directly into the coffee bean. The flavor profile has a very bright and clean cup with accents of peaches, strawberries, raw red honey, and a touch of dutch chocolate. The Battle Cry whiskey is distilled from a Belgium yeast style beer with grains of malted rye and honey malt.  The whiskey complements the coffee with bright spicy flavors and an intense floral nose that is slightly sweet.  Enjoy the intense aromas and the complex flavors of this barrel aged coffee! THOMAS TEW RUM BARREL AGED COFFEEBarrel Aged: Thomas Tew Rum Barrel from Newport, RICoffee Beans:  Rwanda Single OriginTasting Notes:  Caramelized sugar, red raisins, molasses, rich cocoa, baking spices, vanilla and oakThe perfect pairing of the natural dark toffee and molasses of the coffee with the caramel sweetness and slight spiciness of the rum.  You will find this coffee to be incredibly smooth.  The aroma after a fresh grind gives way to an amazing caramelized sugar and all-spice with a hint of golden raisins.  The flavors in the brewed cup continues but deepens into a rich cocoa complexity with notes of spice, vanilla, and oak come into play.  An espresso shot intensifies the sweet toffee and spice with a rich cocoa and oak structure.**Reviews are combined for the 3 bag & 4 bag box sets