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Gary Poppins Popcorn Menu

Classic Flavors
Natural Here's where it all begins. others call this flavor plain, but there's nothing plan about it. pure, natural premium corn popped to perfection. it's the basis for all my other flavors.
Kettle An old time favorite re-invented. you may think you've tasted great kettle corn, but this is the definitive version. just the right mix of sweet and salty. it takes my great natural popcorn and kicks it up a few notches.
Gourmet Flavors
Caramel Special recipe for smooth, rich caramel penetrates my gourmet popcorn to create a mouthwatering, almost candy-like popcorn that you just can't get enough of this one.
Cheddar The star at any party. rich cheddar cheese – more cheddar cheese flavor than any you've ever tasted. great all by itself, it's perfection when mixed with caramel or kettle or natural.
Cinnamon Think of your favorite cinnamon toast, just like mom used to make. that's what i was thinking when i created my own special gourmet version of cinnamon popcorn with real cinnamon mixed throughout.
Creamy Dill Now, everyone knows i'm all about sweets. but sometimes i get a craving for savory, and i happen to be particularly fond of the subtle wonders of dill, as in a great creamy dill sauce.
French Vanilla Coffee Coffee popcorn. smooth, sophisticated. and subtle. The three s's of rich coffee combined with real french vanilla. have it any time, day or night. the only thing it keeps awake are your taste buds.
Honey Mustard you know by now how much i love sweet. but, I've decided i ought to give equal time to tangy so, imagine pure golden honey blended with tangy stone ground mustard. what a combination. sweet and tangy
Pumpkin Spice I love the fall. crisp, cool nights. changing leaves. Halloween pumpkins and pumpkin pie, with just a hint of spice. which got me thinking why not pumpkin spice popcorn. Sweet and savory.
Ranch Sometimes I like to mix it up and add some zesty ranch flavoring to my premium gourmet popcorn. i use my own recipe of special spices blended just right to give it terrific crunchy tartness. its so g
Salt & Vinegar There is a special group out there – addicted to the unique taste combination of salt and vinegar. well, its not just for chips anymore. I've blended just the right combination of salt and vinegar.
Sour Cream And Chives If you love a great sour cream and chives dip I bet you'll really go for my sour cream and chives gourmet popcorn. It's a real savory treat – tangy chive spices combine with the subtle sour cream flavor.
White Cheddar Hello cheese lovers. you've got choices this one's the other cheddar. A whiter shade of cheddar. Made from the finest aged white cheddar cheese. It's a smooth, subtle taste you're sure to love.
White Cheddar Jalapeno This one's really special after i created my own unique white cheddar recipe, I decided to kick it up a notch with real jalapeno peppers. You would have to say it's white hot.
Premium Gourmet Flavors
Dark Chocolate I love chocolate almost as much as i love popcorn, and my favorite is rich, dark chocolate. so i found the perfect semisweet dark chocolate to blend with my crunchy premium gourmet popcorn.
Milk Chocolate It's long overdue it's only fair. yes, I've admitted a slight bias for dark chocolate. But why should milk chocolate lovers suffer? So, here it is. i simply blended my finest, crunchy gourmet popcorn.
Cheddar Bacon Ranch This one surprised even me. I love bacon and melted cheddar cheese. so, I thought, why not add crumbled bacon to my rich cheddar cheese popcorn. it tasted great – but why stop there.
Chocolate Marshmallow I blended my finest gourmet popcorn with premium milk chocolate and creamy marshmallow. who needs graham crackers? campfires just got a whole lot easier. You'll want some more.
Chocolate Peanut Butter The three major food groups – peanut butter, chocolate and popcorn. together at last. It's a flavorful wholesome treat that will really stick in your mind and not to the roof of your mouth.
White Chocolate Discover the unique flavor of the finest white chocolate wrapped around the crunch of my premium gourmet popcorn. It's a special partnership that is rare indeed.
Chocolate Oreo The Oreo one of nature's perfect foods has now met its match. Gary Poppins gourmet popcorn. Add just the right amount of rich chocolate and even mother nature agrees it doesn't get any better than this.
White Chocolate Oreo Mint Once you've said it, you know exactly what you're in for: creamy white chocolate, real oreos, and my premium gourmet popcorn with a kick of mint in every crunchy bite. It's heaven in a tin.
White Chocolate Peppermint This is the one you'll want to bring home for the holidays. I take the finest creamy white chocolate, mix in real peppermint candy and wrap it around my crunchy gourmet popcorn. It's a popcorn gift with a pop.
Caramel With Nuts What could be better than creamy rich caramel gourmet popcorn? Creamy rich caramel gourmet popcorn with nuts, and not just any nuts, but my finest fresh roasted nuts – crunchy almonds, pecans and peanuts.
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