Costa Rican Reserve Coffee 16 oz – Tarrazu


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Costa Rican Coffee from Tarrazu is one of the most highly regarded coffee-growing areas. This is our Costa Rican Reserve variety and in many people's opinion, Costa Rican Coffee from the Tarrazu region is one of the world's greatest coffees with its light, clean flavor and wonderful fragrance. Master roasted to a full roast color just until the sheen of natural oils comes to the surface. A dark and bold roast (French). Dark Roast Fair Trade Certified Rain Forest Alliance Certified Shade Grown           We also offer Costa Rica Tarrazu in Decaf Coffee. Costa Rican Coffee Tarrazu 100% pure Costa Rican coffee from Tarrazu farms with no filler beans. All Costa Rican coffees are 100% Arabica beans. The near-perfect growing conditions of the rich volcanic soil and mild, high altitude climate contribute to the awesome elegance of this world class coffee. Full-bodied richness with excellent acidity. You'll enjoy an unusually silky yet robust flavor with a bold taste and a beguiling aroma that creates a wonderfully eloquent and complex profile. The higher altitudes that these Costa Rican coffee beans are grown at produce better beans, not only because they have the effect of increasing the acidity of the bean and thereby improving the flavor, but also because the cold nights that occur at the higher altitudes mean that the trees develop more slowly, which also the beans to develop a fuller flavor. The regular rainfall that is caused by precipitation at the higher altitudes is also