Kurobuta Whole Large Bone-In Ham


Kurobuta Pork: HAM, RIBS, BACON, CHOPS

Snake River Farms Kurobuta pork is considered to be the pork equivalent of American Wagyu or Kobe beef. Created from the Berkshire pig, Kurobuta is a slice of heritage pork that comes from Japan. It’s world-renowned for its hefty fat content and exceptional tenderness, which gives traditionally tough cuts of pork a major texture upgrade. This gourmet pork is also much more flavorful than your traditional grocery store variety, making it a must-try.

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Kurobuta hams are one of the most special products we offer at Snake River Farms. The people who buy our hams are some of our most passionate and loyal customers! Each ham is sourced from 100% Berkshire pork, cured using traditional methods, and smoked over real hardwood.

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Gourmet bone-in ham smoked over real hardwood.

Snake River Farms American Quality Pork

Kurobuta hams have a passionate following. Just one bite and you'll understand why. Read the review of Kurobuta Whole Large Bone-In Ham here. Rich in flavor with a hint of smoke and a touch of sweetness, these are not like any other ham or pork meats. The secret to success is using a signature family cure and smoking over real hardwood. Gourmet hams start with Kurobuta pork that is highly marbled and dark pink in color. The Kurobuta pork cuts have the bone for a traditional appearance, wonderful flavor, and are the perfect start to the post-dinner split pea soup. The Kurobuta hams and pork consistently receive top scores in artisan ham comparisons and are frequently featured by celebrity chefs and culinary experts during the holidays. Kurobuta is the Japanese term for ‘black hog' and refers to animals of the Berkshire variety, a heritage breed. Kurobuta pork is highly marbled with a beautiful dark color, firm texture, and naturally delicious flavor. The animals are treated humanely and are raised on small family farms without hormones using a natural slow feed process.

How are the animals fed?

Snake River Farms American Kurobuta Pork hogs are fed on a co-op of small family farms in the Midwest and are fed a combination of corn, soybean meal, oats, vitamins, and minerals. No artificial hormones or gestation crates are used in SRF pork production.