Refurbished Jura A9 P.E.P.

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The Refurbished Jura A9 with P.E.P. offers two new features not found in any other automatic Jura coffee machine. The intuitive color touchscreen interface allows you to scroll through pictures of each of the 12 programmed specialty coffee drink selections available on the refurbished Jura coffee machine. Just Slide and Touch and the Jura A9 quickly prepares your selection. Also available for the first time are a Latte Macchiato Doppio and a Cappuccino Doppio, these specialties add an extra shot of espresso to your macchiato or cappuccino. New version with Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.).

1 review for Refurbished Jura A9 P.E.P.

  1. Sylvia

    The Jura A9 is a nice looking machine. This coffee maker does it all – and the frothing is great – we have a Impressa S9 – which is larger – but the A9 is hands down better – hotter coffee, better specialty drinks and all it needs to do now – is put that lovely design on top of the coffee! Bought a refurb A9 and it works just like new.

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