Compak F10 Conic On Demand


The Compak F10 Fresh on Demand modern coffee grinding: Un-matched quality for the most demanding customers. Able to instantly grind one or two shots and three different operating modes, the Compak F10 Fresh on Demand provides the exact amount of freshly ground coffee for an unbeatable espresso. Two versions of this Compak espresso grinder are available, The F10 Master Conic features a more powerful 935-watt motor.

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Key features of both the F10 Conic

Read the review of Compak F10 Conic On Demand here.

  • A high-precision auger maintains a consistent flow of means into the burrs giving more consistent results.
  • On-demand grinding allows the user to program the roaster for the desired amount of ground coffee for a single or a double espresso. The grind amount is set by a digital timer that can be programmed by the user in 0.1-second increments.
  • Push-button “Grind” function for manual dosing or just “topping off” a measured dose.
  • Dual fans keep the powerful motor of the Compak F10 Fresh on Demand cooled.
  • The universal portafilter holder can be adjusted with the included hex key wrench to hold your portafilter for hands-free grinding.
  • Three positions switch with by-pass. Depending on the menu selection, when the “Automatic Mode” is selected on the power switch, pushing the portafilter in to depress the momentary switch will grind a single dose directly into the portafilter. Pushing the switch in that manner twice will star the grinder to create a double dose grind. Alternatively, the user can set the menu to “Preselect Mode” to use the touch panel to select single or double grind. Finally, both these modes can be disabled so that the grinder will grind coffee by pushing in the portafilter to depress the switch and stop grinding by removing the portafilter.
  • The manual, step-less grind adjustment along with the LCD “digital grind point scale” of the adjustment on the screen makes finding the perfect grind simple and precise.
  • You can program a password into the system so once you find all the settings that work, they cannot be changed without the password!
  • These Compak F10 grinders will notify you when it is time to change the burrs. Not to worry. The burrs are rated as being capable of grinding over 2600 pounds of coffee. That's well over 66,000 double espressos!
  • Pre-seasoned steel conical burrs. Little to no wasted coffee to “break-in” new burrs. It will be ready to serve you right out of the box. Just add coffee beans and electricity!

Unique features of each Compak espresso grinder

Time per dose 1.6 sec for a 7 gram espresso grind

Motor output 800 Watts

Motor Speed 400 rpm

Burr diameter Conical 68 mm (2.68in.)

Espresso point production 15 Kg (33lbs)/hour

Hopper capacity 1.9 Kg

Height x width x depth mm 660 (26in.) x 215 (8.5”) x 400 (15.75”)

Net weight 17 Kg (37 lb.)


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